7 Best Types of Noise Barriers: You Should Have A Look At

Are you also looking for the different types of noise barriers? If Yes, then you're at the right place! Noise pollution is mainly generated from several sources like road traffic, railways, machines, construction sites etc., and there are many places where we require a little peace like the workplace, study rooms, restaurants and regular highways. Therefore, this guide lists the seven best noise barrier types depending on your need. You can choose the best noise barrier according to your suitability. Let's have a look at these noise barriers !!

7 Best Types of Noise Barriers
Wood Barrier

Wood Barriers are affordable, easy-to-use, great looking, and one of the most commonly used household materials. However, almost all wood barriers are not highly effective as noise barriers because they lack mass, have air gaps, are prone to damage, and have low heights.

There are certain woods with no air gaps or such damage, and they perform brilliantly as noise barriers. For example, close-boarded acoustic timber fences. If your home is near the street and you want to suppress the noise, it will be the best fit for you, as they have absorptive and reflective properties.
Metal Barrier

Metal Noise Barriers are one of the easy-to-install, cost-effective, modular, and commonly used options in business and industry structures. Selecting the proper metal barriers will allow you the prevention of reflection or bouncing of sound. Although you can mold the metals according to your suitability, they also get easily damaged by the environment. As the metals are malleable, they can also be caught by rust and deteriorate after a while.

Brick/Concrete Barrier

Brick Barrier is a durable option and one of the best noise barriers in long-term investment. Brick barriers are primarily used in boundaries besides the highway globally, and brick Barriers are costly but top-notch options for factories and plants. Brick material has many better-looking structures, while precast concrete is not attractive but a viable option for commercial requirements. Brick barriers are a better option for reducing unnecessary noise and reflecting it. However, echoes and reverberating sounds are difficult to reduce and can increase the noise in some cases.

Acrylic and Toughened Glass Barrier

Acrylic and toughened glass barriers are highly used in reflecting the noise. All these kinds of glass obstruct the line of sight and help create noise barriers beside the road. These glasses look very modular and have high absorptive and reflective properties. To make these glasses, Quietstone® is used, which provides a long lifespan and sound-absorbing qualities. You would see the most use of these glasses in restaurants and cafes beside roads.

Timber Noise Barrier

Timber Noise Barriers are one of the best options for places like schools, homes and commercial places because they are straightforward to install and claim to resist upto 32db of sound. The deep V tongue and groove style of these fences resists the sound traveling and provides peace and privacy. If you're looking for professional sound-absorbing materials, then you can mix the timber with the steel for the higher-secured options. It is very versatile as you can get the sound reflective barriers or get an additional layer on one side. You can also get this material CE marked.

Temporary Noise Barriers

The most often Temporary Noise Barrier is made up of metal and mesh. We often use these noise barriers at construction sites to reduce the noise coming from there. The best thing about these Temporary Noise Barriers is that you can quickly set up noise barriers and also attach these to the metal fences to reduce unnecessary noise. You can also see these barriers used in the events held in the open venue areas like concerts and demonstrations. These barriers suppress the noise from the machines like generators to maintain the event's vibe. As the name suggests, this is a temporary solution with many limitations.

Jinbiao Noise Control Barrier

If you're looking for branded high-quality noise reduction barriers, then Jinbiao can be your go-to product. Unlike the other sound barriers, the sound traveling towards these fences doesn't bounce back. Instead, it has a blanket inside this product that absorbs the noise entirely and keeps you free from all these unwanted sounds. Jinbiao Noise Control Barrier can be a slightly expensive option for you, but they offer a guarantee to reduce the noise to the extent you want. They will also offer you service assistance if you get any noise reduction issues. The best thing about these barriers is that they won't affect your wall designs.


These are the 7 best types of noise barriers you can use based on your requirement. We hope this article helps you find your required noise barrier.

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