Absorptive Noise Barrier Manufacturer And Supplier in India

Noise Barriers

A noise barrier is used to protect any structure, building, persons or any sensitive areas from noise pollution. Noise barrier can’t completely eradicate the sound, but it can reduce their effect by some decibels and in other terms, it can control echo and high-density noise. These noise barriers are very effective in the areas where the source of noise pollution is very high and severely affects inhabitants who are living there in nearby areas and these sources are airports, railways, roadways and industrial areas. Greenvent is one of the leading companies in absorptive noise barrier manufacturer in India. We are also one of the best acoustic barrier suppliers in India. Acoustic barriers are also called noise wall barriers or sound wall barriers. There are many advanced technologies are available there to reduce the intensity of sound pollution and one of them is Absorptive noise barrier technology that traps and breaks down the sound frequencies and defuses them completely. Highway noise can create nuisance in the life of a person who lives nearby areas, and also it also decreases quality and health of life due to that so many people come under depression, and it also increases the chances of a heart attack so by considering all this Greenvent provides the solution for that we are top-tier Highway noise barrier manufacturer. There are four types of Highway Noise Barriers which are as follows-

  • Highway Noise
  • Construction Noise
  • Traffic Noise
  • Pavement Noise