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Greenvent is a construction company that provides various types of business solutions such as traffic solutions, construction solutions, Airport Solutions, building solutions, the scope for metal and much more for the welfare of society and people. Apart from that, we are a leading company that provides advanced solutions on types of noise barriers, different types of antiglare solutions using the latest technique to overcome glare problems, we are also providing different types of crash barriers and the last, not the least we are the renowned market application solution provider that makes us most trustworthy in the market and these services are General constructions, Railways & Metro construction, Roads & Bridges and Industrial projects.

As we all know that there are different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and others like that similar sound pollution which is destroying the quality of life of the people as well as making people a victim of many diseases like stress, hypertension, blood pressure, but people do not know about it. But it is as dangerous as it is due to pollution, that's why we Greenvent has come up with the latest technology to bring the soundproof solution for the betterment of the environment and people so that the quality of life can be improved, this is our goal, and we will achieve it.



We aim to make the most advance system which fulfill the supply chain gap in infrastrucre segment, throught owned inhouse manufacturing solutions, technical collaborations and tradig partnership. we will create continious advancemet in product offering and supply chain for construction demand


Building a plateform for most advanced and sustainable product and solutions for green infrastructure development around the world, making ideological advancement in the field of infrastructure.

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Keep the noise out with Greenvent

Whenever we travel on the highway, we experience noise pollution or the people who are living in an area which is nearby highways, railways or airports their life is miserable, so all the time they suffer from unwanted sound pollution there and whenever we are travelling through highways and open the windows of the car even for a while, then that noise starts giving a lot of irritation due to sound pollution and just think once what will they do whose homes are in such places? Keeping these things in mind, such technologies were invented which can nullify this problem to a great extent.

The highway sound barrier is a construction that is designed to reduce the noise pollution caused by automobile traffic, airport, or trains. The noise pollution can be caused by the sound of engines, tires, horns, and other noises. The noise pollution is a result of the lack of separation between the vehicles on highways. The sound barrier also works very effectively to reduce noise coming from highways, airports and from railways. These barriers are using advanced technology to give good quality of life.

Metal noise barrier manufacturers make privacy screens from steel slats. It blocks noise pollution and visibility from a distance, too. A sound barrier designed from any type of metal is an improved way to decrease sound between a factory and community or any area where sound pollution is maximum, living just next to these. Metal has the ability to absorb noise, unlike solid objects. Noise barriers made from metal change the quality of noise and make it quieter, while not acting as a sound reflector.

Harsh industrial noise or any source of sound pollution is a huge problem for communities right next to the area where factories, railways, airports are there. Protecting these neighbourhoods are a worthwhile investment for better health and comfort for people in these areas. A solution that can create tranquillity on some busy streets, through slowing down traffic or creating noise pollution in other ways, is what people in a city desire. The realization of this wish comes only through smart solutions that silence ambient sounds but do not bring traffic or construction into the neighbourhood near where factories are already there.

Polycarbonate is one of the best barriers, preferred by all sound barrier manufacturers in India in all types of soundproofing barriers. It appears like glass, but it is unbreakable and does even not crack and deform through any cut or any drilling process, and its efficiency to nullify sound pollution is outstanding. Greenvent is a leading polycarbonate noise barrier manufacturer in India.

Those who don’t want to spend so much money on soundproofing, they preferred Acrylic noise barrier because it is very cheap in comparison to regular glass and other sound barrier options the benefit of Acrylic sheets is they are working like other options of soundproofing, but the thing is that if anyone wants to improve the overall soundproofing then they have to use multiple sheets of Acrylic. Greenvent is a leading name acrylic noise barrier manufacturer.

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